Career Guidance & Support

Do you have older workers that need help?

Access personalised support programs
to help eligible employees between the ages of 45-70.

Services for Employers

A range of services are available at no cost to eligible employers, including:​

Assisting employees to transition to a new career

We know that you want the best for your employees, but circumstances sometimes mean that roles are no longer available.

Skills checkpoint can help your valued employees by providing them with professional, individualised career planning and assessment.

This service can help them to identify their existing skills that could transition to other careers, and if appropriate, the training that might be needed to support that transition.  Each person gets a personalised career plan tailored to their circumstances and the labour market.


Up-skilling at-risk employees to face a changed future

Sometimes staff skills don’t match future business requirements.   

Working with you, Skills Checkpoint can identify how additional skills can assist eligible participants transition into new roles in your organisation.  

In these circumstances, the skills and training incentive would match contributions dollar for dollar with employers, up to a total training cost of $4,000.  

This allows you to retain valued employees by upgrading their skills for changed or new roles in your organisation.

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