Kate delivers for her students

Inspiring and supporting disadvantaged job seekers in the Caboolture region with the skills they need to enter the workforce, particularly people living with disability and those who have experienced trauma, Kate is passionate about her role as a trainer in that space.

Wanting to support her student outcomes as much as she can, Kate was looking to improve on her training presentation skills and so explored the idea of completing her Trainer and Assessment Certificate (TAE).

After conducting an online search, Kate found a training organisation that specialises in workplace education training, SPEC Training. Their website was also promoting the Australian Government funded Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program, delivered by BUSY At Work, which offers older workers (aged over 40) with career advisory support to help them to remain in or re-enter the workplace. Along with the one-on-one support from a career advisor, Kate learned that the program also offered a 50% co-contribution towards the cost of any relevant vocational training (up to a maximum amount of $2,200).

After speaking to her Career Advisor, Kate enrolled in the TAE training and received 50% contribution towards the cost of this. The training has supported her to become a better trainer for her students and Kate is now inspired to complete a double diploma in education and training.

“It’s been amazing! Since completing my TAE I am much more confident and my training has improved vastly in its quality. My students are also retaining and engaging more and there’s been a higher student retention rate!

“I’m recommending this program to everyone I know, it’s such a valuable program and I wish I’d known about it sooner!”

If you’re over 40 and fit the eligibility criteria, the Skills Checkpoint program can assist your future career plans too!

For more information on the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program visit www.skillscheck.com.au

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