Isabel enhances her career path

Isabel Castillo enjoys her role as a Research Fellow in the Health faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Recently Isabel has been developing a wellness research program for paediatric intensive care (PICU) nurses who often perform under high stress, particularly so since the COVID-19 pandemic. Believing she needed more understanding of the wellness-coaching world, Isabel sought to undertake a course and came across Wellness Coaching Australia. It was on their website that Isabel found information about the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program, which she thought may benefit her.

The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program is funded by the Australian Government and offers mature age persons (over the age of 45) career mentoring support to enable them to progress in their careers or move into another career pathway to remain in the workforce. Many older workers need to change careers for a variety of reasons, including being unable to perform the physical role or, like in Isabel’s case, require further skills to enable them to progress in their careers.

Isabel was also thrilled to find out that the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program offered a 50% incentive (up to a maximum of $2,200) for the cost of any course that supported her career development, which helped to cover the costs of her wellness-coaching course.

Of the program, Isabel stated, “I’m very excited about the opportunity provided by Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers because their support will help my career while also contributing to the wellbeing of many paediatric intensive care nurses who have been under so much pressure during this COVID-19 pandemic. Paediatric patients and their families will also benefit from this funding because our research group (PICOLO* Network) is currently undertaking a pilot research project to assist children and their parents navigate the challenges associated with surviving critical illness. We are planning to incorporate coaching strategies to help parents in the next phase of the study.

“The wellness coaching course will help progress my career by providing me with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to develop a health and wellness research program to assist PICU nurses, nursing students, and children and their families. The successful development of this wellness coaching research program will help me obtain more senior research roles within the university.”

Isabel is a shining example of the intention behind Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program, with the Australian Government understanding the need to keep mature-aged workers, with their long-term experience and skills, contributing in the workforce.

When asked what she would say to others considering entering the program, Isabel stated, “I would encourage them to apply to the program. I had a great experience with my Career Advisor. She provided me with help and support, as well as career guidance and made the application process easy for me.”

*PICOLO – Paediatric Intensive Care Optimising Long-term Outcomes


Isabel Castillo has enhanced her career path, thanks to Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers.

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