Sheina has pivoted her career path, thanks to Skills Checkpoint

After a 20 year, highly rewarding career as a teacher for children with special needs, Sheina Treuel felt she needed a change but was unsure what that was and how she would spend her last working years before retirement.

After searching the internet for support for older workers, Sheina came across the Skills Checkpoint program, an Australian Government program delivered nationally by BUSY At Work and Verto, to support mature age people just like Sheina. The aim is to support mature age workers to remain in the workforce and continue contributing their invaluable skills and experience.

The program provides one-on-one career advisory support with a career mentor, a detailed career assessment utilising a world leading career assessment tool and access to 50% course contribution costs (up to a maximum of $2,200).

“After leaving a successful career in the world of education that had taken me to many interesting and challenging spaces I felt it was time for me change direction. I was in a great headspace as I had achieved many things that had a significant impact on the lives of young people with disabilities. Now I wanted to move towards something different. I was unsure what this was to be”, Sheina stated.

Through the program, Sheina was introduced to Paula, her career advisor, and together they worked through the program.

Sheina said of her experience with the program, “Working through the Skills Checkpoint program and talking with Paula I was able to drill down and develop a career plan. I suddenly had a direction. The Skills Checkpoint program was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my career and the skills I have. It culminated in an amazing report, which captured key elements of my skills and competencies. It made me feel very proud of my achievements.

“It also enabled me to define what I might like to do next. Paula cleverly used questions to tease out what I could explore. She gave sage advice as to the options out there and how to go about presenting myself to future employers.”

That advice and direction has paid off for Sheina who is now moving forward in a new direction, with the aim to pass on her knowledge to others entering the industry she has worked in for so long.

“The outcome was that I would enrol in a Cert IV Training and Assessors course with the idea I would move into a part time position working with adults who are wanting to work in the field of disabilities.

“I am now enrolled and looking forward to continuing to learn new things. I like to think I truly commit to ‘lifelong learning’ as all educators would like their students to aspire to.”

Sheina has 20 years’ experience teaching children with special needs. Thanks to the Skills Checkpoint program, Sheina is now undertaking her TAE with the aim of teaching others looking at entering the disability support industry.


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