Maggie is making career changes, thanks to SCOW

Maggie Sakko was tired of working sedentary desk roles, she was also missing some vital people contact, her previous role as a writer and editor, and then later as an office manager meant she often worked long periods on her own.

Aged in her forties and living in Tasmania, Maggie found an opportunity to transition to a new career when she found out about the Skills Checkpoint program.

The Skills Checkpoint program supports older workers to remain in the workforce by offering one-on-one career mentoring and support with a career advisor, as well as 50% funding towards training courses that can assist them to upskill or reskill.

“I wanted to find a new career that allowed me to connect with people. My career advisor, Bonnie, was thorough, quick and to the point. The process was easier because I had an idea of what I wanted to do and Bonnie was able to ask the right questions.

“Bonnie was able to put together a really great career plan for me and I found the entire process to be great.  I really enjoyed the diagnostics and thought they were fantastic and lots of fun.

‘Within a week the process to sign up to the program was done and I am ready to start my course. I am going to be enrolling in a diploma of positive psychology which starts in July”, Maggie stated.

Maggie has plans to help others in the workplace and thanks to the Skills Checkpoint program she has put the wheels in motion for her new career path.

“In the future I really want to be working in the wellbeing space. I am really interested in how people perform at work, and in teams and the impact that has on their wellbeing, and improving the work space from there. I want to help make workplaces better”, Maggie further stated.

Thanks to the Skills Checkpoint program, Bonnie is now studying for a new career path in workplace wellbeing.


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