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If you’re aged over 40 (prev 45-70), employed or recently unemployed (less than 12 months, prev 9 mths) and not receiving Australian Government employment assistance, we can help.

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers


At different stages of our careers we all experience the need to update our skill set. For older Australians, this can be a challenge in terms of finding the right skills and advice.

The Skills Checkpoint program is designed to help you find a new way forward. Run as an initiative of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the program is designed to help eligible individuals to access support and guidance in their career.  This includes career assessment, one-on-one career guidance with an advisor, recommendations to further skills training to support you in a current role, a new role, or help to transition to a new career.

You may also be eligible to receive a co-contribution of between 50% and 75% (75 % applies if undertaking a course related to a skill listed in the National Skills Commission Skills Priority List) towards a training course to support your career development (co-contribution amount up to the maximum  of $2,200).


The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment have announced they will double the amount of places available for the program from January 2022. 

From this date also, changes to eligibility criteria include that you must be:

  • aged 40 years or over (previously 45–70),
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident,
  • employed and at risk of entering the income support system, or  recently unemployed (within 12 months, previously nine months),  and
  • not registered for assistance through an Australian Government employment services program.

Delivered across Australia by leading employment and training providers, VERTO and BUSY At Work, the program is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you can learn the skills to stay in the industry you’re in or find a new pathway, if required.

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your career path

If you need new skills and help in finding the right direction in your current role, for a new role or for a whole new career path, our Skills Checkpoint program could be the perfect option for you!

Do you employ Older Australians?

Skills Check
for Employers

We can build tailored training and support programs to help re-skill your workforce.

This includes a 50% Training Incentive for employees, reimbursement up to the maximum value of $2,200.

A Government Funded Initiative

About Us

Skills Checkpoint for Older Australians is delivered across Australia by BUSY At Work and VERTO.



“I wanted to find a new career that allowed me to connect with people. My career advisor, Bonnie, was thorough, quick and to the point”.
Maggie Sakko
“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance with helping me get back on track to getting qualified for a job I know I will enjoy. I was very lost and felt overwhelmed and directionless when I came to see you, and you gave me focus and practical assistance for which I will be forever grateful.”
Jane Hollingshead
"I was lost and overwhelmed with where to start, but thanks to your support and guidance I am back on track. I am feeling confident to sell myself as a person worthy of a job, even at my age."
Lisa Rowe
"The process, explanation and recommendations provided accurately targeted my strengths and provided me with options I may not have realised for myself. The friendly and professional guidance offered also made this process clear and easy to follow".
Alistair Stoddart
"I have learnt more than you can imagine! Fabulous course - and thanks to my mentor for their expertise and guidance. By narrowing down my options the program really did provide me with an excellent option to move forward".
Amanda Phillis
"The Skills Checkpoint program gave me choice, ownership and empowerment to invest in my own future, in a way and time that best suited my needs whilst gaining two qualifications. It was invaluable to my self-esteem, confidence, future business needs and will translate into stronger knowledge, better services and more choice for my clients! Talk about a win – win…and yes – I am sharing it with colleagues, networks and in those random conversations where the most unexpected openings provide an opportunity to share the great things this program could do for others like me".
"Since starting the program, I have completed my TAE upgrade, first aid courses, mandated notification etc., and will eventually pick up my Masters again later. I have now been employed with several groups in different areas. Things have really changed quickly - thank you!"
Richard Hunter
My mentor has been very generous with his support when I felt a bit overwhelmed with choice, and then facilitating the payment for my training program. The practical tips you provided helped to transform my resume and cover letter. I was stunned at the difference it made, getting a call the very next day after applying. I am enjoying my new role driving buses to assist indigenous and other clients getting to critical medical appointments".
Rod Schofield
“This programme has been an excellent opportunity for me to upskill in areas where digital disruption is changing my work and industry.”
Josiah Farelly
“Skills Checkpoint Program outcome for me was positive. I have had 4 different jobs all in different fields since completing my training.”
Craig Meldrum
“I used the recommended resume tips to prepare an application with a recruitment agency, and as a result I had a call saying it will proceed to the next step. Following the guidelines delivered success and I am now so much more confident as a result of this whole process. My consultant was terrific, very professional, and extremely knowledgeable in what she does, and she personalised the whole process to suit my situation”.
Paul Kelso
“The program has been a very positive experience for me given my advancing age and perceived bias towards employment of younger workers. It has helped clarify my work position and fortified me to continue participating in the economy for many more years to come”.
Donna Ellis
“Everything has been discussed with me with the upmost professional and informative way, I thank you for this, you have made it possible for me to move forward in my career with relative ease”.
Richard Mitchell
“Received the perfect help to further enhance my knowledge and training towards a new career. I am now working full time.”
Veronique de Carne
“I have already recommended about 6 of my friends and half of them are now studying.”
Eugene Betzel
“The Training received was excellent and enabled me to change careers, for which I am very grateful.”
Callum Maclean
“Staff at Skills Checkpoint were quick to respond to my application and helped me achieve my training goals. As a result, I now have additional qualifications to support me in my career. I am so very grateful and pleased to have this opportunity!”
Louise Allsopp
Not knowing what to expect, I have had a seamless transition into study. The process of application is straightforward and the assistance from staff has been professional, friendly and stress-free.
Brian Poole
Having to re-join the workforce at an older age, the help and assistance given to me by BUSY At Work was invaluable.
Helen Tester
I had completely lost my self confidence after losing my job due to redundancy in 2020 and due to my age. Having spoken with Bonnie, I started rebuilding that lost confidence, She has provided so much information which I can use in trying to re-join the workforce and broaden my horizon. Bonnie is such fun to chat with and very knowledgeable. What a legend!
Irva Korvemaa
I'm looking forward to being able to go back to doing some Study. It has been a long time!! Been a while since I've done anything like this and I am really welcoming the chance to finally have the opportunity to get re-skilled, and hopefully begin a new career going forward as a result.
Laura Cooper
I am very glad I made the decision to make that phone call to BUSY At Work and get myself re skilled and actually stand a chance of being employed and earning a decent salary. I would definitely recommend signing up, take the plunge and get the ball rolling.
Samantha Beaumont
As an employee of 32 years with a large company, who was made redundant, I benefited from BUSY At Work's information, ideas and education. They explained the many avenues available to me and allowed me to broaden my ideas of other career paths open to me.
Katia Faino
Accessing the Skills Check Point program meant I could gain the training and skills needed for re-entry and new employment in the workforce, now that all my children are adults. Gratitude to BUSY At Work for assisting with this incentive for a single woman, 50+ grandmother, from a disadvantaged background.
The Program has enabled me to move forward into a new career pathway. It has also given me confidence and motivation to complete further training. The Cognisess activities allowed me to obtain a detailed report on my transferrable skills, attributes and values that I can provide to an employer in the Education/Training industry.
Anita Graham
HOORAY and Wow, wow, just WOW! What an outstanding comprehensive plan. Is that really mine? It has given me great direction and clarity.
Robyn Scanlan
My career advisor is very friendly and helpful to me. She considered my circumstances and acted promptly on my application for the program.
Peng Li
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John Doe
John Doe
I am so keen to start my course. I am supposed to start work early October so its fantastic to be at this stage already, its impressive. Everyone I have dealt with has been professional, friendly and effective. Thanks BUSY At Work, you guys are the best!
Richard Eden
I would certainly recommend BUSY at Work if you are thinking of transitioning to a new career and need some assistance. BUSY at Work was very helpful and made things very easy to undertake the Skills Checkpoint program in order to gain some government funding towards my study.
Philip Overton
I would highly recommend the Program. It has given me the opportunity to change my career and achieve my goals, which I am very grateful for. It was awesome to have a great Career Advisor to give me advice and to create my own Career Plan.
Karen Casasola

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